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What you get from Coach G.


It's Simple

Some facts: It takes 6 years of consistent training to build your Aerobic Balloon. (base). 

Hitting 85% of your training is one of the keys.

It is not always about running. Rest, recovery, time off, food, x-training. It is all part of it.

One of my runners who I adore greatly, said to me, running is as simple as "Shoes on, Just run" It is that easy.

Learn what 'FLOW' is. It is essential.

Be prepared to be challenged. 'In a fun way'

Running, work, family, life. What you want out of you, depends on getting that balance right.

I embody a unique blend of dedication, adventure, and inspiration. As a risk taker, combined with traditional training, I encourage my athletes to push their boundaries, fostering a love for adventure in their training & life. My coaching philosophy values open communication and deep thinking, allowing athletes to connect on a profound level with their sport and themselves. I emphasize a holistic approach, focusing on both the physical and mental aspects, guiding my athletes to discover their inner strength. With a knack of keeping it simple, I remind them that it is just running, and life, after all. My coaching style is not only effective but also enjoyable, adding loads of fun to the journey, and enabling a seamless flow between running and life's experiences.

Track Results 

🏆Albie Thomas 800m 1st Female - 2.05.32, 2017

🏆NSW 800m Champs 2nd Female - 2.04.66, 2018

🏆Gold Coast Comm Games Selection Trials,  

      800m 4th Female - 2.03.81, 2018

🏆 Gold Coast Comm Games Selection Trials

      1500M  8th Female - 4.14.75, 2018

🏆 CIS Barker College  Female Track Champs, Junior, Middle School and Overall, 2022

🏆 NSW 5000M Champs 10th Female 17.09,11th Female 17.26  2022

🏆 Zatopek 10000 8th Female 33.43 2017

Road Results 

🏆 City 2 Surf 4th Female 2014, 3rd Female 2017, 7th Female 2022, 10th Female 2023

🏆Sydney Harbour 10 1st Female 2014, 3rd Female 2016, 9th Female 2017, 2019 2nd Female, 9th Female 2022, 8th Female 2023

🏆Sydney 10 4th Female 34.14 / 2023

🏆Sydney 1/2 Marathon 1st Female 2017 🏆 Nagoya 1/2 Marathon 1st Female 2018, 

🏆Sydney Marathon 9th Female 2017 🏆Canberra Marathon 2nd Female 2022

Canberra Marathon 7th Female 2023

🏆 Gold Coast Marathon 8th Female 2.39 2023

Trail & Ultras

🏆100k World Champs 33rd Female (7th all time Aussie) 2022

🏆 1st Male Glenbrook Trail Marathon 2023

🏆 Coastal Classic 1st Male 2022

🏆Coast 2 Kosci 240k 5th Male 2021,  4th Male 2022

🏆Tarawera 50k 3rd Female 2020 🏆Tarawera 100k 9th Female 2020

🏆 Snowy River 50k 2nd Female 2020 🏆 Snowy River 20k 3rd Male 2020

🏆Delirious West 200 Miler 2nd Male 2019

🏆NZ 100k Road Champs 1st Female 2019

🏆 Aussie 100k Road Champs 2nd Female 2019

🏆Brisbane Ultra Trail 100 Miler 2nd Female 2019

🏆 Ford Ultra Challenge 100km 9th Female, 14th Male

🏆Two Bays Trail 56k 3rd Male 2018 🏆Two Bays Trail 5th Female 2017

🏆 UTA 50 3rd Female 2017 🏆UTA 22 2nd, 9th, 10th Female 2017

🏆Fuxian Lake 50k China 9th, 10th Female 2017

🏆 Six Foot Track 1st Female 2016🏆Gobi Desert 100k 5th Female 2016 

Some other notes.

🏆1 x Athlete at the World Cross Country Champs 42nd 2023 42

🏆3rd Female Masters World Cross Country Champ

🏆 Aussie AG Record 45 - 49, 50k road. Andy H, 3.05 2020


Since 2014, I have coached multiple distances and multiple runners to Regional, State and National races.

🏆2018 Australian Team Manager, 100km World Championships, Croatia

My Running:

If I am going to coach it, I have to run it.

800m - 2.03, 1500m - 4.14, 3000m - 9.04, 5000m - 15.35, 10k - 32.08,

1/2 Marathon - 71.32, Marathon 2.31.54, 50k - 3.09, 100k - 7hr.12, 100 miler (Trail) 24hrs.

24 hour track - 183km

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